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EB first off congrats! Being a father is the best thing in the world for me at least. Now every couple and/or parent is different and will go through different situations. So what I can say is this isn’t a right or wrong type of list, but what I have learned with being a husband and father. First and foremost marriage wise be honest with your partner, communicate, and support them emotionally, you guys are a team. Fatherhood I would tell you be patient, you will get frustrated at times but remember it is a baby/infant they are learning everything is new to them. Trust me I had my moments I just clean the floor and my daughter would look at me as she tossed food on the floor, drove me nuts, but you just gotta stay calm they have different ways of communicating. The most important fatherhood advice though is spend as much time with them as possible, enjoy every single second, it is important for both you and the kid. Leave you with two things for combining marriage and fatherhood. Get on the same page with your spouse on how you guys want to parent, no you won’t agree on every single thing, but the more you communicate the smoother it makes it. Finally one word BOND! spend time with both, put the phone down, turn the tv off, do as much as you can together, make memories and have some damn fun!

Thanks Dude, appreciate the time and respone! 🙂