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Very helpful, both present unique approaches. I think your assessment is spot on, wrt the nerve issue. It only seems to happen on my non dominant with vertical pulling and usually after pulling I always feel a niggle around my left scapula – looks like it’ll be some tissue work. Another idea I was toying with is non superset pre exhaustion done bilaterally followed by compound unilateral pulls – my thought process being the dominant side will ensure that on the bilateral movement effective reps are matched and then subsequent to that unilateral work can me volume equated wither through rest pauses or as you suggest beginning with the non dominant side. Strangely over the last couple of weeks I’ve also found my ability to generate intensity (effort / RPE) is really diminishing after my top set – maybe it’s time for some auto regulation and a slight volume cut back to just 1 top set, not sure if you’ve ever experienced this yourself. There are phases in my training cycle where I’ll have done a top set and feel I can take a second heavier top set before a back off and it works but right now it appears that a single set to failure is what works best. So I’m adding a few extra movements here and there just to try and equate total volume without burning out (novel stimulus of exercises not done in this cycle) and when things work back up – as you’ve said in your push videos increase volume within the bare minimum movements that cover the contractile range of a muscle. If you have any thoughts or anything else to share I’m always open to suggestions. As always thank you coach – I can attest since I dropped my normal go to movements for the ones you recommend the DOMS is insane, I suppose it’s because I’m challenging the muscle through its actual function rather than via ineffective movements that challenge a whole bunch of stuff without specifically targeting what I’m trying to. Thanks again!