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Thank you Bryce. Brilliant advice and I will take that on board mate. Like I said this is my first proper re-comp (or bulk since losing a lot of weight and surgery etc) so building muscle was my main goal like I said I’ve gone from 62KG to now 72kg within 5 month and I’m gonna push it to 75kg I think before I start to have a cut phase, I just didn’t know how to strategised it all as before hand I implemented a lot of cardio/running and mixed it all together and I lost a lot of muscle and since then I’ve massively improved my in all aspects like training/food in-take as I wasn’t eating enough, and I’m keeping tabs on my stress/sleep/general activity, and recovery. I just didn’t want to ruin any progress and lose the muscle I’ve gained, I want to do it the right way and once I’ve had a little tidy up, I want to go again and build more and keep at it. Hungry for the gains as they say but want to keep that BF in check 😂👍🏽, again thank you for the response and big respect 👌🏽