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Hey Coach, maybe you missed this one. I would really appreciate your opinion on that split. And just have some other questions about it. How would you plan your back days ? One for thickness one for lats ? Or both in both days ? I would do something like that maybe.

A1. T-bar chestpad wide grip 2 sets
B1. RDL 1 set
C1. Barbell rows 2 sets
D1. T-bar chestpad shrugs 2 sets
E1. Preacher curls 2 sets

A1. Single arm pulldown hammer 2 sets
B1. Single arme cable row 2 sets
C1. Cable pullover 2-3 sets
C2. Lower lat cable row 2-3 sets
D1. Reverse butterfly 2 sets
E1. Incline cable curls 2 set

Would you do change something ? Maybe the t-bar as Third exercise in the lat day ? Or the pulldown for third on thickness day ?