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Hi Joe,

I have finished the HCU (and lookout forward to watch the anatomy education). You mention the work of Chris Beardsley about the 5 effective reps and how the proximity to failure can stimulate more hypertrophy.
I don’t nerd too much, but I also read the ‘critique’ made by Greg Nuckols. Greg reviewed the literature and the results suggest the need of reaching failure drops the more experienced people are in the gym.
So untrained individuals see more gains when going to failure. Trained individuals gain more when staying away from failure (not not too far away) and training within 3-5RM.
Obviously the discussion goes deeper and touches on high threshold motor units, force-velocity relationship and so on.

Anyway, last week Chris posted something about it on his instagram. He wrote how ‘avoiding failure’ and ‘intensification techniques’ and using high loads is what creates more mechanical tension (and hypertrophy?). Doesn’t it goes the other direction of his ‘5 effective reps’ thing?

Now I am confused. I know science evolves. For sure. And my approach is having usually 2-3 meat and potatoes exercises and metabolic work at the end of my workout.
However as things stands, if my metabolic work doesn’t produce as much force, is there a need for it at all? Is it a matter of accumulating more volume?

I am making this complicated. I’m probably only looking for your opinion on this.

Also, I am a PT and since completing strength and resistance profiles with you, I see lines of force and create imaginary torques with every single member in the gym. Good thing/bad thing? Going mad?😂
I love HCU.

Thank you so much and sorry for the messed question. I hope it’s not too dumb.