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Awesome Joe, thanks so much for your feedback I really appreciate it! I definitely am guilty of thinking “up” when it comes to delt pressing, when I train delts friday I’ll try to focus on that and see the difference. Glad to hear I made a good choice regarding the rack military press.

Last question on this topic, do you think using accommodating resistance is a big difference maker on delt pressing? When I do an incline chest press in the smith rack using accommodating resistance makes a huge difference for me. I’ve tried doing military with and without bands in the smith and found I enjoyed both (haven’t tried free bar with bands yet). Does the fact that there’s potentially less range of motion on the military press play a role in that? I would say I train the military press with slightly less range of motion compared to an incline press, so that would result in less change of assistance coming from the band. Hope that makes sense, let me know if I’m way off here. Appreciate your feedback as always, really cool that we get to ask questions directly to someone like yourself 👍