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Hey, I’m new here – joined up when covid hit bc joe was putting out great programs for those of us stuck at home with bands. I ended up building a bit of a home gym with some scraps and here’s what I’ve got:

Half rack (j hooks and catch)
Adjustable bench
Upper and lower plate loaded cables
Pec deck
Most normal band attachments
Tons of bands
Olympic bar
Ez curl bar
5-40lb DBs
300lbs of plates

I’ve got about 2 years of solid training in so I’m fairly new still. I miss my gym but I’m sticking with this home gym.

I’m trying to think what the heck isolating pump movements I can do for legs with this setup. Ive tried using cuffs to attach to the cables and it’s just awkward and consuming for iso quad/hams. What kind of movements would you recommend using this equipment for training legs? Or anything else you see that you’d like to use it for. Pic attached.