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[quote quote=0]Joe,

Currently looking for guidance. Previously post on social media, BUT a wide variety of different answer that just may my decision even more unclear.

About 2016 I weighed around 300 pounds. I went on to lose 100+ pounds. Over the past 2-3 years I have been “skinny fat” around 180ish for body weight.

Current measurements is 185 lbs, height 5′ 9” and roughly around high 20’s body fat. Feel I have no muscle to my frame.

With that being said, should I continue to diet down to a certain percentage like I have been before worrying about adding muscle on? Or would going into a slow recomp/lean muscle gaining?




I EXTREMELY appreciate the response! Seriously made my day! Feel more confident now moving forward with the decision to put on muscle.

-Been eating around 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. How far would you up protein?

-With protein set any guidance on setting up fat’s? Or would that be personal preference and then remaining calories would go to carbs?

-Any preference on workout split? Work body part twice per week or once per week?

-Lastly any need for cardio? Guessing not since would just cause myself to eat more calories to get back to maintenance? But thought I’d ask.

My goals to look good (like I actually lift) and eventually down the road cross off my bucket list dream of doing a competition.

Thanks again!