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[quote quote=22929][quote quote=0]Joe,

Currently looking for guidance. Previously post on social media, BUT a wide variety of different answer that just may my decision even more unclear.

About 2016 I weighed around 300 pounds. I went on to lose 100+ pounds. Over the past 2-3 years I have been “skinny fat” around 180ish for body weight.

Current measurements is 185 lbs, height 5′ 9” and roughly around high 20’s body fat. Feel I have no muscle to my frame.

With that being said, should I continue to diet down to a certain percentage like I have been before worrying about adding muscle on? Or would going into a slow recomp/lean muscle gaining?



Also forgot to mention,

You mentioned eventually transitioning into a surplus. Any when I should look in transitioning into the surplus from maintenance?[/quote]