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Hey Joe, some questions here

-For what reason you don’t use right now the hammer row that you have in your gym?

– Do you like  this hammer low row(attached) more than your hammer row in your gym?

– What do you think about the prime incline? And, what are your preferred flat chest press after the nautilus?

-Do you know if there it’s a difference between the old cybex 45 leg press and squat press compared to the new versions ? I saw a post where you said that in the 90’s the equipment was way better because they have people with experience in biomechanics —

-What’s your favorite brand for an assisted pull up and dip station? Do you think it’s worth it?

– What do you think about the Cybex seated leg curl? And the nautilus and Technogym seated leg curl?

-Whats your favorite brand of pendulum?

– Whats your favorite seated dip and peck deck? Both are worth it in your opinion?

-What do you think  about the Cybex t bar row(with no chest support), the cybex pin loaded shoulder press and cybex incline plate loaded chest press?

-What’s your opinion about hammer strength shoulder press plate loaded?

-Finally, what do you have in mind to add for machines to your gym? Congratulations, that gym it’s outstanding!