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Kenneth Watts

Hey Joe,

No worries at all, I’m honestly impressed with how much you’re able to get done while balancing time with your family as well. Sounds good, I’ll keep working away at the lying leg curl then. Definitely lucky, we have a lot of nice Atlantis pieces at our gym. We don’t have the specific back extension machine you mentioned (I’ve done those before btw and they’re hard), but we do have the rogue glute ham raise. Do you think I could MacGyver that piece into making that exercise work on there?

Also, since we’re on the topic of legs….I had a question regarding hacks. Didn’t start incorporating them until about a year ago, gotten some really good development in my quads since then. I’ve gotten the reverse band setup down pretty close to perfect, I’ve progressed a lot regarding form and load. When you initiate the hack, do you think about “sitting your hips down” or do you focus on “knees driving slightly forward”? I’ve noticed that when I don’t let my knees travel forward it actually irritates one of my knees slightly, and reduces the amount of load I can do. Since I started shifting my weight from my heels to mid foot and letting my knees push forward more, I get better quad activation, less joint pain, and can do more load wise. Based on all that I would assume I made the right decisions form wise, but would love your feedback. Thanks for your help as always man!