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Howdy Joe and members,

I am looking for some input/guidance what I should do with my calories.

I am 37 y/o male who trains 5 days a week my 16 y/o son. We have been training together for about 20 months. For the first 17 or so months, we simply lifted what we could with some organization provided by a friend of ours (retired amateur body builder) and ate what we thought was a good diet. The diet needed to drastically improve after all and we did exactly that by watching your videos and simply staying consistent. The newbie phase was great. However, I feel that has past.

Now this post will be more geared towards me than my son simply because we have different goals. He is a football player for his high school and hopes to play in college in the coming years. Gaining mass and functional strength seems somewhat straightforward with your videos and such so he will continue to follow that (with consistency!).

As for me, I have seen a transformation in the recent years thanks to improved activity and a better diet but… now I am torn. I want continue to eat and grow strength but, could I see more gains from dropping my body fat percent at a faster rate than it is dropping now? I am currently at 222lbs @ 30% body fat. Just before my son and I began working out, I was easily over 250lbs and well over 45% body fat. So the improvement in body fat % has been awesome. I look leaner, I can “see” my gains now, and generally feel amazing. But should I consider changing my plans? Would I see more muscle growth?

I ask because of a post you made on IG a few days ago (clean/dirty bulk). You referenced in that video how fat can impact hormones and actually negatively impact your muscle gains. I had never considered that at all. And obviously now (since I am writing this), I cannot stop thinking about it. 🙂

Sorry for the long winded post… so to summarize, do I continue to eat what I have been (3k calories) and watch my body fat % decrease slowly (-0.75% every 3 weeks according to the machine we use at a supplement store), or do I switch to a deficit where I would expect to see a faster loss in body fat accompanied with a loss of muscle in hopes of improving hormones; which in the long run, will have a greater benefit with growing muscle?

Thanks for the input!