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I’ve been plateaued at bench pressing 225 lbs for 4-5 reps unspotted for 8 months now and was wondering what your tips were on breaking through the plateau. I have tried going beyond failure with a spotter for an extra 2 reps and also doing lighter weight/more reps.


I also have a separate issue with seated dumbell overhead presses. I know you mentioned that you prefer barbell for the reason of not having to waste so much energy getting it up, but I tend to feel pain in my shoulder/rotator cuff when doing the barbell ohp. With dumbbell ohp, I’m plateaued at 75 lb dumbbells simply due to the fact that I am unable to get 80 lb dumbbells up above my head. Even with 75 lbs, when I get them up for the first I get extremely light headed and my vision turns completely gray for about a full second before returning – from my understanding this would be due to not having enough blood flow to the brain. Any tips for this if having someone help me get the dbs up aren’t an option? I’ve also tried scott presses, but get some weird pinch in my upper back when doing those.