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Maximilian Knödl

Hey Coach,

im running this split now for 2 weeks. I have discovered a few problems. First: after my back movments my forearms are swole as fuck, and i can not train biceps on pullday, so i train biceps on pushday. Second: I feel like its to much to recover from. Have you any tips? i really want to bring my back and my delts up. 5 days week is pefect for me, but i think i have to adjust some things to get the most out of my workouts. And what about Vhit? should i incorporate some ? i have already adjust a little bit on my split, now it looks like that. I always sleep 8h+, have not much stress, eat 5-6 times a day.

my split:


a1. Nautilus chestpress 2 sets

b1. Cable roller Fly 2-3 sets

c1. Incline bench Bottom 2 sets

c2. Incline cable flys 2sets

d1. Y-cable raises 2 sets

e1. preacher curls 2 sets



a1. T-bar chestpad upper back 2 sets

b1. RDL 1 set

c1. hammer strength Pulldown both arms 2 sets

D1. Barbell Shrugs 2 sets

E1.Calfraises 2 sets


Shoulders/ tri

a1. Cable laterlas 2 sets

b1. reverse Butterfly cables 2 sets

c1. Overhead press bottom 2 sets

d1. dips 2 sets

E1. tri X 2 sets



a1. Calfraises 2 sets

b1. seated legcurls 2 sets

c1. Squats 2-3 sets

d1. Leg X 1 set monster drop

d2. Golbet squat

d3. Stretch



a1. Single arm hammer strength pulldown 2 sets

b1. Single arm Cable Row 2 sets

c1. Barbell row 2 sets

d1. Reardelt row 2 sets