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Hi Joe,

when i am doing single arm preacher curl (scott bench) i always feel to much my forearm on my first working set. on back up set feel more biceps than forearms and every next set i always better. Also “mind muscle connection” is better on last set. mybe because i am using less weight.

before workout i am doing 3 sets biceps and forearm activations and then it takes 4 sets to be ready to my first working set.

Form is very strict on every set that should not be the problem.

First working set is aimed to 6 reps. For left hand i am using little bit of external and internal rotation when i am doing rep, for right hand i am always externaly rotated and wrist is fixed in that position.

weight on 1 working set is 22,5kg – 7reps

please let me know if there is some advice for me.

Thank you.