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Hey Joe

I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately with this whole pandemic situation. My anxiety has been acting up as I hit the bed and it prevents my mind from falling asleep. What do you suggest I do? Routines, supplements Ann particular foods before bed? Thanks a lot

– Sleep
– 8-9 hours of quality sleep a night. Adopt a sleep grooming habit if you’re unable to sleep, or sleep well:
– No business calls/emails 3 hours before bed.
– No screens 2 hours before bed. Black out your room (this means no phone, TV, computer, tablet, etc.) or if you use screens, consider using blue-blockers.
– Keep the house below 70 degrees at night.
– Sleep naked.
– No pre workout/caffeine/stims after 2pm.
– Stretching/yoga at night, if you find it calming.
– Make a list of 5 things you’re grateful for 30 minutes prior to bed (write it down every night). Or depending on your personal spirituality, meditate or pray.
– Read something positive/fiction right before bed.
– If you’ve done all that, and still have sleep issues: seek a sleep expert, and look for the deeper underlying cause