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Hey Joe,


Whenever I use any pump/NO focused supplements (citrulline, agmatine, nitrates, etc) it seems to screw up my digestion. It doesn’t bother my stomach right away when I use them, and I definitely do get better pumps from them, but it always messes with my digestion of my meals later in the day (I am more bloated, and things seem to process slower). I have also tested using the different ingredients individually via unflavored bulk powder s, so I know it isn’t the artificial sweeteners. I can use products that are strictly caffeine and some nootropics (alpha gpc, cdp choline, etc).


I am guessing my digestion trumps any benefits I would get from a little better pump in the gym, and I am sure proper sleep, hydration, electrolytes, and topped off glycogen are going be the main drivers of the pump and the supplements are just “icing on the cake” when those other factors are in check.


Have you seen that before where someone just doesn’t do well with the pump based supplements?