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Hello Joe.


I think i have issues with insulin resistance. I am telling you that because i have poor exercise tolerance and don’t have endurance at all. For example heavy DB press is easier for me than doing bodyweight pull ups or dips because i fatigue quickly. I was searching for answers and read that when you are insulin resistant the body doesn’t store glycogen as efficiently so fuel stores in muscle are reduced lowering exercise tolerance. Additionally the body doesn’t process blood sugar as well and you get fatigued more quickly during exercise. So when i heard that i thought i will try go on caloric deficit and low carb. I am 89kg 190cm working out like 4-5 training sessions per week. So i dropped my carbs to 120-140grams. Guess what happend? Despite being in caloric deficit i saw big water retention, the weight numbers was exactly the same everyday -89kg despite eating less and i had big mood changes like more towards depressive mood which i didin’t felt for long. I have smartwatch where i track my heartrate every hour to see changes. Like a month or two ago i often saw big drop’s in my heart rate like smartwatch show’s that it dropped to like 30-35heart rate and quickly raised again. I saw these thing’s often when i was eating less carbs. So when i increased my carb intake my mood is much better and motivation. So the question is what is going on with my body? Insulin resistance and blood sugar irregulation’s or smth? Should i go like 300-350carb’s and stay in 10-20% caloric deficit and train more often with less volume like push pull day split 5-6s per week? Should i allso incorporate fruit’s for liver glycogen like pomegrante/ bananas?