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Hey Joe. My biggest dream is to someday build a gym and althougth that day probably will never come considering how much of an investment it is I just wanted to know some information about the best gym brands. Now recently I had a conversation with Bpak for brands but it wasnt to long to come into any specific conclusion and I also want to ask your opinion too just because I feel you both are at the top of the game imo. I asked about Prime and why he doesnt really like it anymore and he said that their selectorized equipments dont really do accurately what they say they do. However at your university videos you mentioned at one video for nautilus that they have a nautilus shaped cam hence their brand name and the purpose of that shape is to match our muscles strenth profile. But when I look at Prime Hybrid equipment they have a similar shaped cam. is it just about the cams or there are other factors in great equipments? Also what is your opinion on Arsenal Strength and Watson. i know watson makes the best dumbbells but Im talking about their equipment more. i saw in a comment one day that you werent a fan of their hack squat? what abot their leg press which actually you probably trained with at mi40? Would love to hear your answers. The brands I mostly would love you to answer are these 6 which I thought were the best without order.

1. Nautilus
2. Prime
3. Atlantis
4. Watson
5. Arsenal
6. Cybex
and please would love to hear your top 5.