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Hi Joe! Just recently I saw a video from coach Eugene Teo about chest pressing movements being Barbell or dumbbell or any machine for that matter. Now that vide raised a lot of questions in me and I wanted to ask your opinion on this topic. On that video E.T was saying that a lot of shoulder issues happen because of pinning shoulder blades back and down and keeping them there the entire set. This is because our body has a natural way of movement which is known as Scapular Humerus Rhythm which basically mans that in order for my arm to move freely my shoulder blade needs to move as well so if we restrict the scapula movement we also restrict how much our arms can move. So his conclusion was that when we put our shoulders blades back and down and keep them there the entire not only do we put our body in a weaker and less optimal poaition to be pressing from but we also interrupt our natural human movement and shoulder mechanics over . This can lead to shoulder pain and impingement. But watching yours and Ben’s videos over years the number 1 advice has always been to keep the shoulders blades back and down. I remember some videos from Mi40 when it was you Ben and one bodybuilder which I can’t remember the name vogelitis I think but nonetheless on that video you were explaining about the origin and insertion and how we keep one end fixed (origin) and we bring insertion closer to the origin. I remember that one of your tips is the more the we push through our shoulders into the bench the better our ability to stabilize and use our chest to do the pressing movement. So which is the correct way to perform these pressing movements. Does doing it with shoulders pinned back and down really create an issue over ? is this a situation where we put Function vs Size. Please let me know your thoughts.