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Rei Koka

Hahaha thanks for the long reply. I know you mention to apply logic not emotions into our gym decisions but sometimes it feels like I really overthink stuff which might be a bad thing in itself. I like how you mention to all of us, to not do smth just because one other guy does it but basically in gym decisions whenever you make a decision im there listening and doing what you do and thats because you know better than anyone what the hell you’re doing. The reason why I say this is because you mentioned that you gave me some information and let me take the best decision from it and I am like “I am gonna do what you do” lol. But overall your reply makes a lot of sense and to me maybe the problem that people experience with the shoulder its because they think of pushing the bar up rather than focusing on contracting their chest. Maybe thats not the reason maybe I am wrong but everytime I think about pressing movements I just think of my chest and not so much about everything else. I havent had any issue whatsoever with my shoulders but when I heard Eugene talk about it I wanted to ask your opinion as well. Cant wait to see the video too. Again Thank you for the reply