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Hey Joe,

do you think at some point a bro split is better for some? I train over 10 years, always pretty hard, but not always smart. I started training more precise as i joined your site. The longer i train, the better i get at executing. For example after one set of preacher curl im mostly done, because i can bring such a great intensity now. I can bring that intensity for a lot of muscles. So even small muscle groups a pretty taxing at some point.  Earlier in my training , it was much easyer to train more often, and do more sets, more exercises etc. but now i feel like i need much more recovery. The only thing i can train more often are my weakpoints, because my execution is not that good as others. I can train them pretty hard, but my internal stimulus is not as great as it could be. My contraction in that muscles could be way better. So it is not that taxing as other muscles. Also training more muscles on one day seems to get harder the better i get. I can bring down the volume more, and train higher frequency. But does this make sense ? Do you think the split has to evolve at some point in your training ? Or is higher frequency always better ? When chosing more of a bro split, you can also incorporate more Vhit, and that brings a lot of fun to sessions. Also you can training much more precise for your goals. Im also a life natural bodybuilder, and all people say you need to train more frequent as a natural. but i feel like when your enhanced you can train more frequent, because you can recover much faster. The next thing is that you have much more on a bro split for that specific muscles you chose for a day. My focus is much better, because of that i progress my execution much better. I follow terrence 5 day Split, and feel like its perfect. Maybe change some things for weakpoints at some point. But for now i think ist perfect. I would really like to hear your opinion on that coach.