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[quote quote=0]Hello Joe!
Planning a large home gym build (1200 plus sq ft) and looking at best equipment to use. Your 3-part video series on gym equipment has been IMMENSELY helpful in this process.

I am not limited by brand, as everything will have to be shipped so I’m paying freight no matter what.

Do you think it is okay to order used equipment from a place like fitness equipment


I just wasn’t sure if that is the right way to go about purchasing.

The machines I was planning on getting used are the following:

1. Icarian Hack Squat
2. Icarian pec deck – rear delt
3. Cybex 45 degree linear leg press
4. Cybex plate loaded squat press
5. Cybex Smith Machine
6. Nautilus Isolateral Xpload plate loaded chest press
7. Nautilus isolat Xpload plate loaded chest press (but I might choose Prime plate loaded overhead press instead)

The rest of the equipment I am purchasing new from Prime fitness and Atlantis, with free weight equipment from EliteFTS.

I guess I’m just worried that if I order something used, the bearings are going to gunked up or the guide rods are going to be rusted. I am just worried it might not be as “smooth” in function.

I also have the option to buy new versions of the Cybex machines and could always do the Arsenal Strength hack squat like you have. There isn’t much price difference since the old Cybex and Icarian stuff is built to last… so I’ve been leaning towards getting the older versions for the favorable profile.

Am I doing this right? Am I equipment-ing correctly? Lol

Thanks for your !

Hey man. I’m building my home gym too. Which machines from Prime and Atlantis are you planning to add?[/quote]


The following from Prime:

1. PL Extreme Row
2. PL Seated Row
3. PL Pulldown (cannot find a nautilus Xpload Isolateral Pulldown)
4. PL Incline Press
5. PL Shoulder Press (might purchase a Nautilus Xpload Isolateral Shoulder Press Instead)
6. HLP Prodigy Selectorize Rack
7. Prime Bench
8. Plate Loaded Arm Curl
9. Preacher Station
10. Prime Plate loaded leg extension
11. Plate Loaded lying leg curl (also getting a Life Fitness / Hammer Strength select seated leg curl)


1. Pendulum Squat

Not getting much from Atlantis, just the pendulum Squat.

Also getting an Elite FTS 3×3 Collegiate rack and Elite FTS adjustable Bench.

I was initially looking at getting a few things from Arsenal as well: Hack Squat, Bilateral Leg Press, Pendulum Squat, Adductor/Abductor machine, Pec deck/ rear delt…. But heard that Arsenal may not be the best for machines from a few different sources. So that makes me nervous.

Instead, I’m looking at getting used Cybex and Icarian: Icarian Hack Squat, Icarian pec deck / rear delt; older model Cybex 45 degree linear leg press, Older model Cybex smith machine, older model Cybex plate loaded squat press. My understanding is the older models are a bit more durable and have more desirable profile.

I am in close contact with the local Cybex distributor and can get access to any new Cybex, Life Fitness, and Hammer strength machine for relatively good pricing.

I have also been in really close contact with reps from Prime Fitness, Arsenal Strength, and Atlantis. The space won’t be ready until early May 2021, so I have the luxury of time.

Locally, I have access to any Matrix and Hoist equipment, but haven’t seen much on those pieces.

Cost is obviously a factor in all of this, but I don’t want to take any shortcuts now and have regrets later.