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Hello Joe, I’d be grateful if you could review this template please.

I understand that volume is individual dependant, so I am trying to establish where the sweet spot is for myself, I don’t want to do too little or obviously too much to impair recovery.

I have assembled this full body template based on the guidance of Jordan Peters IG since last year while studying my BSc so it’s taken a while. Training EOD, this programme is 50/50 machine/free weight, has no cables and 2 out of each 4 exercises for chest, triceps and quads have accommodating resistance alternating every other day. All exercises have appropriate warm ups. Each exercise is 1-2 set to absolute failure.
Each workout features one exercise for biceps isolation, chest, triceps compound, hamstrings, quads and calves. Back exercises such as machine rows and T-bar rows alternate every other day on the days when RDL variants aren’t employed, therefore lat width exercises are added to the days when RDL’s are.
It’s been like a Rubiks cube assembling this as each A & B workout mimics each other with like-for-like exercises, requiring 2 different gyms to accommodate the exercises.

Would you leave it as it is, add an additional set or add an additional set along with an additional rest day to give 72 hours rest between sessions?

Please let me know what amendments you would make, thanking you!