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About to break the no.1 rule here but bear with me.

Previously anorexic client has been on a diet for around 8 weeks. Diet put her in what should’ve been a 300 cal deficit. First 2 weeks no weight lost. So I reduced cals. Next couple same again no weight loss. We’re now 8 weeks in and she has lost 0 weight.

She is weightlifting 4 days a week. With a cardio day thrown in.

She just came clean to me today she has only been eating one 500-800cal meal every day.

It seems impossible to me that she would be in maintenance at that low cals. Which Makes me think that there must be some sort of science about a severe calorie deficit and lack of fat loss?

I’ve been looking it up online looking for a decent explanation but I couldn’t find any.

Maybe I’m talking out of my arse or maybe I’m missing something, but either way I’d appreciate your feedback with either telling me I’m talking shite or giving me some explanation so I can try to convince her to eat more (if you think that the issue).
Think this is the best way to try and get it through to her.

Go Raibh mé agat,