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Hey I’m new, hope you’re having a great day. I’ve just bought the life membershipe. I was surfing through the site (trying to don’t get caught seeing/reading on any topic in particular so I could keep surfing the site, did a decent job) looking for bodyweight workouts but i didn’t find none, I thought maybe with the program builder but as far as I saw there isn’t any option to chose something along the lines of “gym, minimal equipment, house furniture equipment or bodyweight”. That left me unstatisfied even thought the content on the site looks amazing, so just for that part from what I was expecting.

Maybe I’m wrong and THERE ARE bodyweight workouts I just couldn’t found.

I could design my own training plan but to be honest during these s I’m not feeling so good and even though I’m eventually working out, doing some strenght training and biking I currently don’t have a plan. I thought I could see some plan designed by someone learned like Joe that even though it is not personaly tailored to me it is better than just doing what I was doing, so I can have something on paper to execute on, that way i never fail.

I just got a bar that I put and adjust in the middle of the door or corridor, TRX suspension trainers and like 4-6kg or so pair of dumbbells.

I’ve currently just been doing push-ups, rows on the pullup bar, pull ups and some band pull aparts.