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Roberto Celi

Thanks for the answer, Joe! It was clear and I got your point! Would be awesome if you had an invited expert guest on that stuff since some people is stuck at home right now, if you don’t I get it because like you said it is not your crowd. Then I guess I’ll have to wait til gyms re open to start making some serious hypertrophy coach gains!

I might ask, where I can find the hypertrophy coach university, help and guide section, ebooks, activations/unfockers, full milf maker program and all of the rest that I might be missing out because it is not so evident on the site? (like for example the dilf program you linked, I don’t know how to access to it besides clicking on the link you just gave me). ┬áJust making sure I can find and get everything out of the site or understand what exactly is what is listed above.

Thanks again!