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This is specific to supplements, but crosses over into nutrition. I’ll review the nutrition threads too.

I’m almost 40. I’ve played sports my whole life, but started lifting weights 4-5 years ago. I’ve got 5 kids and support my family on a modest income. I work extra jobs to cover expenses. I’m 6’1″ and about 205 lbs. I bring all this up for some background to understand where my question is coming from…

I know my gains will always be limited due to sleep (5 kids and multiple jobs limit sleep) and diet (eating clean and getting macros from natural sources doesn’t fit my budget).

I supplement with a pre-workout and somes BCAAs during the workout. I’ve kind of dropped off the during workout BCAA thing because I wasn’t noticing anything. I take creatine and protein after working out. To add to what I said about diet earlier…most of my protein intake comes from shakes/powder because its cheaper than protein from whole foods. I eat eggs and try to incorporate protein in meals, but its hard to feed a family of 7 with the kind of food I’d like to eat to maximize my gains.

With all this being said, I’m wondering what the best recommendation is for supplement recommendations? In a best case scenario, what do you recommend before, during, and after workout? What is best do do after the workout? Throughout the day?

I know supplements can get expensive and money would be better to spend on quality food, but I’m just looking at best recommendation and then I’ll figure out which parts I can make work. If there are any thoughts about diet on a budget that anyone wants to include here as well, that’s great, but if not I’ll look through the nutrition thread as well.