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Rei Koka

Thanks a lot! and I’ll be waiting for next parts of hypertrophycoach university!

I haven’t taken any of these courses HOWEVER. I would like to warn you about this a bit. Joe is one of the nicest and good hearted people you can know and that doesnt take long to understand. N1 guy is coach kassem who was a trainer at mi40 and is someone who loves to talk shit about others including his ex-coworkers. And looking at n1 content imo the ability of a good coach is to make complicated stuff simple, nothing I have seen from kassem is like that instead it feels like a full pseudo science bullshit for simple non complex concepts. Im not saying he doesnt know his stuff I am just saying he tries to hard to sound smart about whatever he says and he throws lots of shit on other people. Even if I was the most ignorant person in the world I would never want to get taught from someone like that. No matter what happened between Joe and BPak against Kassem never have I ever heard anything bad from Joe or Ben towards him. And smth that happened recently was insanely disgusting after Joe posted on his IG page a post about triceps heads. I made a question on that post and other people too. One of the comments was about emg studies and Joe answered that emg show nothing about force production. I get up at 5 a in the morning and I and other people from Joe’s profile were tagged in a post from n1training on a post that belonged to n1education page and the comment was so disrespectful towards us the commenters and Joe too. It was smth like if you have no idea about biomechanics and functional anatomy dont speak about it when literally I just asked a question to Joe. But I think that comment was more towards what Joe said about the emg studies. The problem is they didnt have the balls to tag Joe directly or comment on Joe’s page. Instead they tagged us the commenters to spread the info about how good n1 education is. After I told them to tag Joe the comment was deleted lol. Soo for me go with RTS and stay away from people who try to shit on others work to lift up their own.

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