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Joshua Rodrigues

Hey Mark, I personally don’t have the plate loaded version but I own the selectorized and it is incredibly smooth. It would make sense that the plate loaded wouldn’t be quite as smooth but that doesn’t mean it’s not smooth, just not as much as selectorized based on the fact that the weight stacks are never uneven during movement. If one side of the plate loaded doesn’t exactly match the other side there could be slight “smoothness” issues. Honestly anything from prime is top quality and they’re the best manufacturers at the moment imo. Just ask yourself do you want the ratio adjustment more? Ability to add more weight (although you could get the “gym pin”)? Or me personally I’m lazy and don’t like to add plates and figured drop sets would be quicker on select. Also the pegs on the plate loaded stick out a bit more so if it’s for a home gym setup you’ll need about a foot more for clearance on the side vs select. Hope that helps man.