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Hi Pablo,

Sorry to hear you are having an issue.

We have checked this for your account and I am really sorry to say that we are unable to replicate the issue.

If you have a minute could you please share a full screen recording of what happens along with your device details ( e.g phone model, software version ) to and we will get sorted for you as a priority.

+1 on both of these. IPhone 7 15.3.1. Has happened through at least the last 3 updates of the app with my end. Can’t speak for Pablo, but With the app freeze I can click the home button to go to home screen (without closing app) , then double click the home button and go back into the app after being suspended for half a second and the screen I was trying to get to will have refreshed and is now where I need to be with functionality. It’s only intermittent. The audio is only intermittent as well but the only way to stop it is close the app and go back in. If you go to another topic and press play when it happens both the previous audio and the newly clicked audio will play at the same time.