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Mike Morris

Joe has a great video on setting up diet on here. Fuad Abiad has a good video also on YouTube. I’m currently using this app to track my food, for a cut. In the screen shots I’ve added is the last two days. I’ve been stuck at the same weight for two weeks so I’ve cut out some more carbs specifically the rice Krispies in meal 1. I use cronometer when I set up my diets to see what vitamins and minerals I’m deficient in to make sure I get theme from supps i.e greens powder etc. Hope this helps as I am in the low budget struggle at the moment too not long having my second daughter and moving house. After initial set up your pretty much good to go as you will probably find it easier to stick with the same foods and just reduce the carbs I’m meals slowly prefrebaly avoid droping them around workouts

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