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Rei Koka

I really feel you as the machine in my gym has the exact same design. And as Joe said in his gym tour video if you have seen it. If a seated leg curl doesn’t have a thigh pad thats literally like having a sign printed in there that says “I was designed by an idiot”. Its uncomfortable, it hurts your shins, it reduces your stability dramatically as it doesn’t provide any force over the quads so when the pad that stays under your heels goes up it will lift your entire leg from the seat as the other pad its over your shins and not the quads like it should be. It is such an idiotic design. The next best thing you can do imo is rdl and lying leg curl. I know rdl is not an isolation exercise but it trains your hams where they are fully lengthened as well. You lose the advantage of flexing your knee but it is what it is. Or change gym 😅