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Hi Bryce, thank you for your reply. Looking at my own body composition and goals I do want to build my upper body more so, I am happy with one day leg day which I enjoyed with the Terrance program, I think I was fixing myself into the 7 day calendar like you said and putting that pressure on me trying to get all the 6 workouts in that week with the PPL2.0 split. Like I said I don’t want to train over 5 days a week max, with 4 being the least (rest days I just make sure steps are in and do a bit of active recovery)
Supersets are hard to do in our gym because of the times I go and how busy the gym is, I go to a commercial gym so it’s pretty crap when waiting for pieces of equipment.
Just wanted to get the best out of the program I follow for my own goals without wasting a full day of training on (arm day) for example because arms can be added at the end of each push or pull day.
For instance you have the delt program and the chest program, both of which I want to work on, so when it comes to program decisions and committing weeks on end on a program you want it to be the right program if that makes sense around your lifestyle.