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Thank you Bryce really appreciate it. I must admit the passion/heart is not in at as much as it was, especially 5-6 weeks
ago because mum passed away. I just can’t believe how my perception has changed, now I’m a cancer survivor as well and I thought that would of changed my perceptions but not as it has much as losing my mum. But I’ve always been into my fitness and health, I was sharing it on social media (my journey) but I’ve come away from that now as well, my progress was good, my passion will always be my health and fitness, but the heart has totally gone and the thought at the moment in following a 6 day split just doesn’t enlighten or motivate me what so ever, (I’m back at work next week as well) that’s why I thought about a specialisation program for my goals, but again it’s how do I get that enjoyment back (although I’m still going gym but it’s feel just like a choir atm) as I said I’ve dropped weight, I still eat meals but again I’m not 100% with that yet as well, I’m just aiming to get macros in and that’s it. (Food hasn’t much changed but quantities are mixed up and timings) I’ve never felt so out of love than I have now and I know emotions and stress is at another level I get that but it’s managed as much as I can and I do get that time to think (to clear my head) etc and time with the kids to get away and I have come away from social media now, I just want that mojo back if that makes sense. I’m just trying to be as positive as I can and I am putting the effort in to tick all the boxes although times are hard, but I’m not doing it with a smile on my face, again it’s just a habit, a choir, feel like a robot. I just hope this makes sense. Tom