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Thank you Joe. Much appreciated 👍🏽 I do like the PPL 2.0 program I just want it over a 5 day split and one day leg day programmed only as my main goals is upper body, as I am very active as it is and I feel my legs are in good shape as it is from years and years of running. I do work 5 long days and I spoke to you not long ago regards my mum passing away and my life is pretty much busy at home with kids and back and fourth to my fathers house etc so I can manage to stay consistent with more of a 5 day split rather than trying to fit a 6 day split in all the time if that makes sense. I like to have cardio days as well for general health benefits, so I’ll watch that video again and I’ll do what I can mate. Look forward to the updates. Take care brother 💪🏽