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Xavier Szyszko

figured I could add on to this post since I have a slight “bug”/improvement regarding the logger.
first, I totally love the information you all bring, the programs you guys have made, truly feel this has been worth the investment in my health and can’t thank ya’ll enough!
that said, the part of the logger where you create your OWN workout (under the new program creation feature) does not let you add sets to the exercises you add. also, the rep range I type in for each exercise disappears once I start the workout itself. the only way to add sets is to start the workout and add the sets there, but there’s no way for me to denote the rep ranges for those said sets.
if i am doing something wrong/missing a way to add those sets on the edit page please let me know – cause it very well could be my lack of tech knowledge haha.
but, it would be great to be able to add sets for each exercise on the editing page, have the ability to denote rep ranges for each of those sets, and also indicate if a drop set should follow (similar to how the current programs have the rep range greyed out in the little box & a question mark/note area at the top to denote drops).

I noticed all of these two