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hey Joe! listened to your response and I am having the same/similar issue. I am noticing when I try to switch back to one of your programs (from my own created program), it doesn’t work. my logbook screen still shows the workouts for my own program. but, the home screen will show today’s workout from the new program I selected – it’s just the actual logbook page that’s not showing the new program selected (so unless I want to do the workout displayed on the home page, i’m unable to select any other workouts from the program I tried switching to)! Hope that clarifies a little bit from my end what’s happening. 🙂 Thanks so much for your continuous help! This app is great and ik once the little tweaks happen it’ll be awesome to track workouts in!

edit: I deleted my custom program, logged out, logged back in, and was able to select a program and have it show up on logbook page (I then switched to another program to make sure switching works and it only did if I closed completely out of app on the iPhone and came back – then the new program appeared on logbook page, but it won’t do so unless I fully close out and come back).