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I keep getting this again although things have been mentioned. I’ve updated the app, I have recently started the next phase of my PPL 2.0 (week 5) and I’ve made a few exercise recommendations swaps to suit the equipment I have available and I’m losing my sets and reps myself again.
I’m not letting it get to me anymore now as I’ve been using the app long enough to have gained the experience of where I left off and gained the knowledge that I have from this app to let something which is out of our control stress me out, just trying to be positive that these little bugs will fix themselves and updates etc and carry on week in week out just trying to improve and make progress with how I feel, look, and how my stress, sleep, digestion, hunger cues are, how strong I’m getting, and how my form and execution is progressing and how I’m consistent with just everything else I can control. Just love the process of always trying to improve ourselves! 👍🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 keep at it! I’m sure these boys will keep improving this app! Have faith! 👌🏽