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Hi Joe and Bryce,
Loving the progress I’ve experienced in the last few months thanks to your programming and education, can’t stress that enough,
however I am having real issues with the log book and frankly terrible/no communication from customer service/support about this ongoing issue.
I have lost notes again as I mentioned in an earlier post and I also just realized now that the program I was on (and loving) ,full body AB, week 12, day 2, has been knocked back to week one (4% complete apparently).
Regarding notes etc, do you think its better if I just go back to paper and pen for logging and notes? No big deal to do that, I don’t mind. I bought the app mainly for your programming and educational stuff anyway.
Also I would love to hear back from support/ customer service sometime. It has been almost a month since I was told they’d get back to me.
Thanks again guys, still a great investment I am glad I made despite these little logbook note issues.
Have a nice day.