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My reccommendation is choosing low calorie high volume foods, priortising carbs with a lot of fiber ( I avoid rice on a fat loss phase as it has very litle volume and digest very fast), drinking plenty of water ( glass lf water before a meal will fill out your stomach), whatever you do, do not drink your calories on a fat loss phase if you are hungry. Give diet drinks a try. Search the web for some low kcal recepies. In the end you will be hungry sometimes whatever you do so it will come down to how hard you want it. Find your WHY man, that helped me most with adherence to the diet. Hope my experience will help you.

Thanks Luka, I definitely need to slow down on the brown rice along with the sugary stuff

The only calories I really drink is my whey protein in the morning..

I’m pretty diligent about not drinking any soda or other drinks with calories even if I relapse every few weeks

I’ve been looking for recipes al day and will try them soon as well.

Thanks for reminding about finding my why, I postponed doing the exercise.

Have a great day and thank you so much