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Hi Kirt.
I did the same, I did the push pull lower program but I felt the 6 days caught up with me in the end and week after week I felt like I was chasing my arse and getting stressed for trying to make the gym when my schedule got tight with time so I’ve gone for more of a flexible approach with Bryce’s upper/lower program and hitting all body parts twice a week over the 4 days. (On my off days I’ll go on my bike for 20-30mins for health benefits and stick to my 10k steps a day) but this program seems ok. Just dreading hitting legs twice a week as I wanted only one leg day tbh. But tbh I’m gonna stick with it, I’ve started on week 5 with the drop sets etc, and tbh I am kinda looking forward to having more of a flexible approach and not always feel like I’m in the gym which sometimes feels like a choir and you kinda find yourself losing that enjoyment if you are working all the time and then having to push yourself to go to the gym rather than wanting to go to the gym because your program is telling you to if that makes sense. The 4 day split will bring you more flexibility and probably give you more recovery and rest time as well. 👍🏽