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What worked for me is that I began focusing on my form. I’ve dropped the weight a little bit, I have been keeping my chest up and shoulders rolled backwards during the pressing movement (keep in mind that you can’t push your hands that far when your shoulders are back). I had one chest day at the start of my “transformation” where I tryed every possible exercise and found what suits me

Those exercises were bench press, incline db press, incline smith press, incline machine press, flat db flyes and seated cable flyes.

Also, I found that a full rest day before chest/push day helped me a ton. My current split is ppl with every other push being just a chest day. (The remaining shoulders and triceps from that 2nd push I just do on the seperate day-preferably 2 days before)
The split looks something like this:

Full push
Main advice that I can tell you is that you find here how the program should look like (volume) and then find what suits you. Also, rest day before push or chest is a must for me and I take any other rest days when I feel like, split mentioned above is just an example.