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Chris Smith

Bryce, really appreciate the fast response and details. Bare w me as I carry the dialog further. Money is not an issue. I want to get the right piece. So if you had to rank them, would it be Prime first and Atlantis second? I have two Prime pieces now (seated back row and leg extension) and love the variability for changing the load curve. Hate to put you on the spot.
Second question – now that we are talking Prime. Any recommendations on optimizing the load using the three weight positions on each machine? On both machines, I put most of the weight on the #3 position (beginning range). I may put 15% of the total working weight on the #1 (middle range). I have just been playing w it. But what do you recommend so that I get the absolute best out of each machine?
Sorry for being long winded and thanks again for the professional advice