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Being a monthly member sucks. Currently I am stuck with a program I have no interest in for the next 6 weeks because I was so eager at launch to check out the new content. My bad there. I tried to get it changed but I was given the “6 week wait” response from support.  Without being able to look at all the programs ahead of to see which one fits my current needs, my current gym restrictions and my current life style then it will be a crap shoot after my 6 week penance is over. Hopefully I select correctly this or I wait another 6 weeks.
Honestly I think monthly members should have the same rights and privileges as the annual members since we are basically paying the same amount annually except in monthly payments. I am assuming the annual members have full access to all the programs at any. Still waiting on support to answer that question.
I am feeling that the monthly members are the neglected step children in the new “Hypertrophy Family” that has been created.
Everyone be well and stay safe