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Matt Brodersen

Joe, thank you for your reply. That absolutely makes sense. I sometimes focus so much on the “periodization” of a program and tracking that I tend to take everything so literal. Working out is enjoyable and fun… and the pump work at the end is fun!

I do have a app feature request… if I’m going through a workout, currently enjoying the Armegeddon program, and it’s set for 4 days, I would like to add some additional exercises on the off days. Now if I plan that out for that week and add those additional workouts that works. However, if I complete all workouts for the week and then decide
I’d like to add additional workouts, I’m unable to as it advances me to the next week.

For ex: Week 5 I’m done. I’m feeling good and rested and would like to throw a delt workout in and maybe perform it on a Saturday. Since I completed all 4 workouts, I’m unable to now add that new workout.