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Brilliant thanks Bryce. Yeah for my cut during the last 6 weeks I removed all things I couldn’t recover from such as drop sets and no way was I doing finishers. Just bread and butter. But then strength took a little dive in the last weeks as my weight randomly dipped as calories increased. Just took a deload as I went on quite an aggressive hiking trip in Canada that even though it was time off hypertrophy for almost a week (bodyweight only) I know my body as a whole needs aid in recovery so I’m training just one set per exercise for a few more days until I feel fresh to start with a accumulation phase if needed to ace mechanics of new movements for a few weeks before pushing to failure sets for phases 2 and 3. So I will do as suggested and ease it slow especially in the next few weeks and see how I respond. Just nervous to loose anymore as I figure out my maintenance/small surplus to take me into my bulking phase. Thanks Bryce

So just one more Q. Would you taper bulking with phases such as smaller increments in initial mechanical dialing phase and phase 2 and then bump up a larger amount to aid phase 3 to include drop sets or more volume? Or are they 2 separate entities? Should your bulking be anyway related to the volume of training you are doing? Intensity I always aim to fail but phase 2 with less volume so intensity is always there if you know what I mean