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Dawn Lynch

I’ve had two bouts of impingement and the first it lasted 8months. No matter what I did the pain was persistent if not just increased. At first I dropped chest and shoulders, then back and arms and eventually squats (just holding the bar was hurting). By that point I was so depressed I stopped going to the gym altogether.
Took 8months off and it never went away but I studied/researched and learned a lot about shoulder anatomy and health and made these changes and when I started going to the gym again, the pain went away over about a month.
-fixed my shoulder forward posture (this is a biggie and I’ll break down what I did if anyone asks. It a multi step process)
-increased the intensity/volume of my back workouts so that they were always a touch more worked/stimulated/developed than my chest.
-exclusively use DBs with SLOW negatives on decline, flat and incline presses. (If I use a barbell even today, the impingement starts coming back).
-keep my elbows about 45degrees from my side when pressing. (Elbow flared stretches some of the upper pec fibers really well but for some reason cause me shoulder pain)
-warmup and stretch more thoroughly (external rotations 2-3 sets, 2-3 s a week). I love Joe’s warmup/activation/stretching routine. Contracting the posterior muscles to stretch the anterior delts and pecs works great for me and mimics the all so vulnerable bottom of a chest press where back activation is important to keep shoulders back and create space in the joint.
-try not to sleep on it
Not saying this is gonna fix your problem (especially if you have bone spurs. a hooked acromion or some torn supraspinatus tendon fibers which eventually or somes quickly happens from pushing through impingement pain or a herky jerky rep especially with heavy weight and poor form/posture)…I’m just sharing what worked for me.

I’d love to know what you did to fix your posture. My shoulder just hasn’t been right in years. I work through it but I am Losing ROM rapidly.