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Mark James

I’d love to know what you did to fix your posture. My shoulder just hasn’t been right in years. I work through it but I am Losing ROM rapidly.

What I did and teach to fix rounded shoulders:

-stretch the anterior muscles pulling your scaps forward (pecs and anterior delts). Even if theses muscles being tight aren’t the original culprit causing your shoulders to be pulled forward, they still can/will shorten over time f(called adaptive shortening) from slouching at which point their tightness will be an obstacle in keeping shoulders back.

-strengthen and develop opposing muscles (rhomboids lower/mid traps). I feel like all (pulling) back exercises help the issue but especially rows with elbows closer to 90 degrees with the goal of touching scaps together.

-fully contract and flex your rhomboids/mid and lower trap throughout the day. A 10 second contraction works well. (Think touching your scaps together)
As with any muscle, the more you fully shorten it (contraction) without doing the opposite, the shorter the muscles will become. The opposite would be stretching it by pulling your arm across your body or stretching it through contracting the opposing muscles-pecs and anterior delts.
Your mid back muscles do not need any stretching. They are overly stretched and there is too much space between your spine and medial border of the scapula.

Try not to shrug (elevate scapula) when contracting rhomboids/lower+mid traps.
If you have shoulder forward posture, your mid back musculature is overly lengthened in its normal or relaxed state. Fully contracting and holding will help shorten them. Take a look at your posture after holding a hard contracting for 10 seconds. I bet it at least temporarily will be improved. The more you do this (along with all the other suggestions), the more it will become your normal posture.

-Make an asserted effort to spend more time each day with your shoulders pulled back. At first it will seem like a lot of effort you can’t maintain and that’s ok…just keep trying here and there throughout the day. In time, it will become more comfortable and won’t take much effort especially once anterior muscles get stretched and posterior muscles get stronger and shorter.

-Make sure to train back at least as hard and heavy as chest. Most people who say they do actually don’t. Be honest with yourself. Are you working bench press harder than you are working rows? Most people the answer is yes after I take a closer look at their workouts. Don’t make that mistake.