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Maximilian Knödl

Ok thanks for the reply coach ! Yeah I’m already on joes half body Programm. Now for 12 weeks. But as I said I can’t do some exercises that are listed. Would you just swap the second press in the half body Programm from joe, for my neutral grip nautilus chestpress ? I have a much different set up on this, than on my regular nautilus chestpress. So that would be two different Typs of presses. And than cut out the roller fly ? My elbow issues, are the cupital Syndrom. I need machines that lines up perfect with my structure, so my nerve is not getting irritated. I can press perfect on the movements I listed, and Im about to get the other nautilus xplode pieces. They fit me perfect, and I execute them also perfect. Maybe if times goes on my elbows getting better, but for now that’s all I can do.